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Cheng's Atelier 郑惠中布衣


Cheng Hui-chung, an artisan of Chinese casual wear designer in Taiwan.  For many years, Cheng cuts his own cloth, does his own patternmaking, and sews by hand.   He even weaves and dyes his own fabric.  For more than 30 years, Cheng has insisted on the natural dyeing method through the use of plant enzymes in the process of dyeing.  By using cotton and flax, Cheng ensures less harm to the environment.  In so doing, Cheng creates harmony between wearer and clothes and thus brings a pure and comfortable wearing experience.


Ban Inoue

CAYA is a rough woven fabric which is used to be for mosquito net.  It has been the traditional industry of Nara prefecture for over 150 years.

BAN INOUE produces kitchen linen and clothing with their motto of Natural and Comfortable.  CAYA fabric gets softer and softer when you use and wash, therefore they are coated with a starch initially.