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The Memory of Trees Brooch #7

Agy Textile Artist

The Memory of Trees Brooch #7


Collaboration between Agy Textile Artist & You Living

The Memory of Trees
Trees grow slowly and experience so many things during their lifetime.  While the tree bark is a protective layer, its textures and layers are what holds the memories of the pressures of the changing landscape, and that of man’s desires.  

Each wearable art brooch is carefully hand painted, and embroidered.  The marks and stitches on the brooch are a translation of the layers of texture and colour that you will find on tree bark.  Each piece is unique, holding the memories of what the tree has experienced over the years.  

Limited Edition:
Only 12 pieces of brooches are made.


30mm brooch pin, copper based rhodium plated

Acrylic paint, fabric medium, hand and machine embroidery on cotton

About the Artist:

Agatha Lee "Agy" is a Singapore-based textile artist specialising in embroidery. She creates textile collages and 3D textures,  through free motion machine embroidery, handstitching and marking, that are not only vibrant and dynamic, but captivate the viewer. Her previous career as an environmental policy maker has enabled her to bridge the gap between sustainability and art, and has encouraged her to create works to reconnect people with not only the environment, but their inner tortoise. As an environmental advocate, her work explores slowing down, and making visible the things that are usually 'hidden' from the public.  Agy has exhibited and sold work in Singapore, Europe and Australia, and holds regular workshops as part of her practice. She is a member of the Society for Embroidery Work and Fertile Art Refinery Singapore, and has been featured in Her World, TODAY, The Straits Times Singapore, Channel News Asia and Channel 8. 

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