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About us

For as long as we can remember we’ve been in search of sustainable, ethical choices that allow us to express who we truly are. In a world in which slow fashion is all too often pushed to the side, embracing the art of voluntary simplicity can be easier said than done. Our passion is to change all of this so that when you want to embrace zen and practice mindfulness in your own signature way, there’s nothing to stop your flow.

To make it happen, we commit to the slow life and devote our days to sourcing eco-friendly fashion that instantly connects with our ethos. It’s a chance to meet and talk with designers and makers, hear their stories, and then weave them into the intricate culture that surrounds us all.

This approach allows us to create harmony with Heaven and Earth from our base here in Singapore. From there we can help promote the unique ideals of sustainable fashion and conscious living in a way which benefits us all. Whether you’re looking to disconnect and slow down, refresh your self image, or change the way you shop all together, our passion lies in connecting you with pieces which make it possible.

Along the way we have found little gaps in the creative world of fashion that need to be filled. But rather than resorting to fast fashion and a throwaway culture, we’ve taken the slow lane like only we can. By beginning to spread our creative wings and launching our own signature collections, we want to connect you with the pieces which allow you to discover true harmony. Our own experience has shown us that from this starting point, everything else follows naturally and peacefully.

When it’s time to disconnect and embrace the simplicity of slow living, we never want you to settle for less than true harmony and authenticity. And with us by your side, you’ll never have to…