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How to redeem online

If you have created an customer account and placed your order online, please see instruction below:

Step 1: 
Click the icon button on the right bottom corner of the main page.

Step 2: 
Click the section circled in green and log-in with your email address

Step 3:
You will see your purchase record page.  Click on the reward icon at the bottom right corner, as shown in the picture below:

Step 4: 
You will see your reward balance points page.  Click "Redeem" then select the discount coupon you wish to redeem:

Step 5: 
You will receive a "Discount Code" , click "Copy at Clipboard" or "Apply".  Then, return to your shopping cart or webpage to place an order.

Step 6:
The discount code will be applied automatically on the check out page.  Please note only one discount code is allowed per transaction.

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