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Cheng's Atelier 郑惠中布衣工作室

Cheng Hui-chung, an artisan of Chinese casual wear designer in Taiwan.  For many years, Cheng cuts his own cloth, does his own patternmaking, and sews by hand.   He even weaves and dyes his own fabric.

For more than 30 years, Cheng has insisted on the natural dyeing method through the use of plant enzymes in the process of dyeing.  By using cotton and flax, Cheng ensures less harm to the environment.  In so doing, Cheng creates harmony between wearer and clothes and thus brings a pure and comfortable wearing experience.

“Living Zen” is the basis of Cheng’s clothing design. But unlike the traditional emphasis on a flashy look, Cheng seeks to create clothes that are relaxed and understated.  He believes that what we wear not only reflects who we are but through what we wear we can also affect our mind and body in a positive way.  Cheng feels that the body is akin to a theater through which his clothing can stage its performance. Cheng’s garments may seem ordinary when hanging on the rack, but they exude a different charm once it is worn.

Cheng’s work is loved by many people from the field of arts and culture in Taiwan, China and Japan.  He has also designed stage costumes for art organizations like U-Theatre, Taipei Chinese orchestra, Sun Son Theater and so on.

The spirit of Cheng’s creative work lies in reaching a balance between daily life and transcendence.  Through his clothes, Cheng aims to achieve a harmonious and relaxed attitude towards life:

To reconcile with oneself.  To reconcile with others.
To reconcile with nature. To reconcile with times.



“生活禅” 是郑惠中布衣的设计基调,有别于传统中国服饰的华丽感,呈现出东方文化中,另一种轻松、内敛的生活态度。他认为穿衣也是内心的呈现,人可以透过服装来调整自己的内心。 身体本身是最低限度的剧场,服装本身就是一种艺术行为。挂在衣架上乍看下平凡无奇,但一旦身着总会因不同人气而展现出不同的韵味。





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